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Making your paralegal degree work for you outside of a law firm

Paralegal training equips you to work as part of the team at a law firm, but you can also turn your skills into a successful freelance career. Many people need help with simple legal proceedings, including finding the necessary paperwork, avoiding mistakes when filling it out, and navigating the filing process. Attorneys are also looking for paralegal services. No matter where you set your sights, you’ll enjoy many benefits from going freelance with your paralegal degree.

Work for Yourself

Being a freelance paralegal may limit the services you can offer since you’re not under the supervision of an attorney, but you can’t beat being your own boss. As long as you have a firm understanding of what the paralegal field entails and are sure you’re working within local laws, you’re completely in control of what jobs you take.

Establish Your Niche

When you focus your efforts on particular paralegal services and work hard to get very good at them, you can offer your services to niche markets. Having a specific area of expertise sets you apart from those who try to cover a broader range, and the more you hone your skills, the more desirable your services will become.

Choose Your Work Setting

As a freelance paralegal, you might set up your own office or decide to provide services to established law practices in the area. You might switch back and forth between the two to gain more experience and give yourself a larger base of potential clients. Since you’re not tied down to long-term employment with any one attorney, you have a great deal of flexibility in your work environment.

Learn New Skills

Moving from one setting to another gives you more learning opportunities than you would get from working in one place. Whether you keep your freelance work within the Portland, OR, area or decide to broaden your horizons, you can take the skills you acquire with you wherever you go.

Diverse Client Base

Working in multiple settings can open doors to a variety of new opportunities. Keep track of the contacts you make when working with attorneys and in law offices, and be sure to keep detailed records on your individual clients. This information will serve you well going forward as you’ll always have a pool of potential job opportunities at your fingertips.

To get started on the road to becoming a freelance paralegal, contact Sumner College today. Our online paralegal degree provides full training with knowledgeable instructors who can provide insight into the field. Give us a call to find out more or visit our website to explore the opportunities available to students and graduates.

The listening skills required to be a court reporter are important in all areas of life

As a court reporter in training, it’s essential that you develop good listening skills. Court reporters have to pay close attention in order to provide transcripts of court cases, depositions, and other official proceedings. These transcripts serve as documentation that may later need to be referred to as part of a case. Good listening skills aid you in this job in many ways.

Improved Communication

Most people don’t remember much about the conversations they have because they’re paying attention to less than half of what’s being said. For proper retention, you have to learn the art of “active listening.” Active listening involves paying attention both to words and the meanings behind them. In everyday life, this helps you be more engaged in communications. When applied to your court reporting work, it minimizes distractions and allows you to focus on being as accurate as possible.

Better Interpretation

Although court reporting requires you to provide verbatim transcripts, being able to interpret the full meaning of what someone is saying is an invaluable life skill. As a student, you have to learn to extrapolate the overall message from your professors’ lectures and take away the key points in order to gain an understanding of what you’re learning.

Gaining Awareness of Nonverbal Communication

In order to respond appropriately in social situations, you need to use more senses than just hearing when you’re listening. Body language is an important part of all communications. The way someone moves and their expression as they speak determines the meaning of what they’re saying. Picking up on these cues is important in court reporting as well, since you’re required to give an accurate account of what’s going on as you transcribe.

Speed and Accuracy

Being a court reporter means listening to exactly what’s being said and getting it all down with pinpoint accuracy. You have to be able to transcribe quickly as you listen, while paying attention to the action in the room as well. You’re responsible for recording the entirety of the proceedings on paper without missing a beat.

If you’re looking for court reporting schools in the Portland, OR, area that can help you develop these essential skills, contact Sumner College. Since 1974, our court reporting program has been training individuals in this important field. Give us a call today to find out more and discover if court reporting is the career for you.

Thinking outside the box to apply your nursing degree

A degree in nursing prepares you for more than just working in a hospital or medical office. Nursing schools provide training that applies to many professions. If you love nursing but aren’t crazy about hospital settings, consider one of these alternative nursing jobs.

Get Involved in Clinical Research

Clinical trials for new treatments are going on all the time, and nurses are needed to care for the patients involved. If you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of medical research, you could find yourself working for a drug company, independent research foundation, or private practice.

Educate Others

New equipment, medications, and supplies are always being introduced in medical settings. Staff members need someone to show them how it all works, and your training could be just what they’re looking for. You also have the option of going back to school as a teacher instead of a student and passing on your knowledge to a new wave of budding nurses.

Guide Patients Through Rehab

Patients recovering from surgery and those working through drug addictions need intensive medical care. As a nurse at a drug rehab center, you’ll help manage symptoms of withdrawal and detoxification. Physical rehabilitation may involve administering medications, providing personal care, or assisting with therapy.

Deliver Care in Unusual Places

Amusement parks, concert venues, and large festivals bring big crowds together in close quarters, creating a prime setting for medical mishaps. Being a staff nurse means dealing with simple cases, such as heat exhaustion and headaches, as well as more serious conditions, including broken bones and excessive intoxication.

Offer Personal Care

Many individuals require help with everyday tasks in order to retain their independence. This includes elderly people who wish to remain at home, people with disabilities, and those recovering from illness or injury. Offering personal care as a home health aide or visiting nurse involves giving medical attention but may also include helping patients bathe and dress. You’ll create and manage care plans to ensure that patients always have the medications and therapy they need. This job requires patience and dedication but can be one of the most rewarding careers for a graduate of nursing school.

At Sumner College, you’ll find career programs in registered nursing and practical nursing designed to fit within your busy schedule. Visit our website for more information on our programs and to get in touch with us about starting a career in nursing. Once you’ve completed your degree, take advantage of our career services to find a nursing job in or around Portland, OR, and start putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Although most people aren’t at risk of contracting the disease, the Ebola crisis has struck fear into the hearts Americans. Nurses, like any other medical professionals, face bigger risks. However, like cholera, tuberculosis, SARS, AIDS, and other frightening transmissible illnesses, Ebola lacks the power to dampen the devotion and courage of those who have dedicated their lives to making life better for people who are suffering. Whether they’re in Africa or Atlanta, nurses managing Ebola patients are playing a critical role in helping people recover.

Yes, People Do Survive Ebola

With so much media focus on Ebola’s high mortality rate, it’s easy to forget that many people actually beat the disease, and return to full health. The devastating death toll in Africa is partially due to a lack of available medical care. Early intervention with supportive treatment greatly increases the chances of surviving Ebola, and that’s where nurses shine the brightest. Despite having to wear bulky protective equipment and perform the unpleasant task of handling body fluids of extremely sick patients, nurses stand at the front lines and selflessly help those who are fighting what is perhaps the hardest battle of their lives. Nurses administer fluids to fight dehydration, provide nutrients, and maintain blood pressure so that patients can stay alive long enough for their immune systems to successfully defeat the virus.

Nurses Make It Better

The value of emotional support provided by caring nurses shouldn’t be overlooked. The isolation of quarantine and the stigma associated with the disease effectively cuts the Ebola patient off from the rest of society. Nurses may be the only personal contact and link to the outside world a sick person has for the duration of their illness. Knowing that someone is there and trying to help them feel better and hold onto hope despite their pain and fear could be instrumental in helping them beat the odds. Most Ebola patients treated in America have survived. The fact that they received early and intensive nursing care is no coincidence.

If You Have the Passion, Sumner College Can Bring Your Dreams to Life

Nursing is a noble profession that requires a strong commitment to improving the physical and emotional well-being of others. If you’re ready to share your caregiving talents with the world, Sumner College in Portland, OR, can help you reach your professional goals. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided quality education and resources for Portland graduates to help them create a rewarding career and life. Our next success story could be yours. Contact us today to learn more about our registered nursing and practical nursing programs.


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