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When it comes to choosing a proper medical watch it can be difficult to make a decision because of the many different options available to you.
Price, design, display readability and comfort are all important factors to consider when you purchase a watch for medical purposes.
The watches featured in our 10 best affordable medical watches list range from around $12 – $50 depending on the watches brand with Casio offering the least expensive watches of the group, however they are all great options and very useful, design friendly and easy to read watches.
Our list does not follow any particular order, so the last item in our list is definitely not the least. It’s all about offering choices based on the watches functionality, design and your personal choice.
  1. CASIO WOMEN’S LRW200H-7BVCF WATCH: The first watch in our list of 10 best affordable medical watches for nurses is the Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch.
    This popular watch features a multi-color hour marker design with a separate date window.  The white background display and hands are protected by a mineral crystal dial window, while other components of the watch’s are designed using a combination of resin and plastic materials.  As far as water protection goes this watch has an exceptionally good water resistant depth of 330 ft. (100 m).  This watch is a great choice for nurses that want a basic affordable watch for keeping track of their time.
  2. CASIO WOMEN’S CLASSIC ANALOG WATCH: Casio does an excellent job of designing affordable watches that are functional and easy to read and the Casio Classic Analog Watch is a great example of a simple watch that makes keep track of time at a glance quick and easy.  This watch sports a quartz movement design with a plastic case & resin band, and is water resistant so it can stand up to regular cleaning/washing. The simple white background (with a silver center), silver time hands and large black numbers ensure you’ll be able to quickly see the time and keep track of the seconds at a glance.  Casio Women’s Classic Analog Watch is an excellent simple wrist watch at a very affordable price.
  3. CASIO MEN’S MRW200H-1BCT: Casio Men’s watch is another great watch for quick time keeping and features a reverse black background with white numbers and hands for quick time observation.  It features a protective dial crystal, non-click rotating bezel and luminous hour hands for easy observation in low illumination areas.  It also has a date window and is water resistant for up to 330 ft (110 M).  As for as material goes the watch is made from resin material so it is easy to clean (as is the case with all of our listed Casio watches).
  4. CASIO UNISEX ANALOG RESIN STRAP CASUAL WATCH: The Casio Unisex Analog Watch in some ways mimics the women’s classic analog watch, however it features a slightly different design with a solid white background and black hands for reading the time.  The black time numbers are also designed slightly different to give the watch a more unisex design while the resin material, protective mineral crystal and water resistant properties ensure you don’t have to worry about the watch getting destroyed in regular day to day work.  According to the specs the watch is capable of a +/-20 seconds per month accuracy for limited time differential over long periods of time.
  5. SWATCH WHITE BISHOP WHITE DIAL UNISEX WATCH:  Swatch is often known for their elegant, accurate time pieces, which are often a bit pricier than other basic analog watches, however if you’re in the Swatch market than the Swatch White Bishop Watch is a very affordable wrist watch within the Swatch brand.  This watch features an elegant white strap and background with gold colored numbers and accented time hands.  The Dial window has a scratch resistant mineral cover while the case and band are made out of rubber/plastic material.  Water resistance is also a feature of the watch with a water resistant depth of up to 30 Meters.
  6. TIMEX EXPEDITION RUGGED CORE ANALOG FIELD WATCH:  The Timex Expedition Rugged Core Analog Watch stands up to its name by being built with a strong, lightweight resin case and strap.  This watch features an indiglo night-light for easy viewing in dark environments, has a date window for keeping track of the current date and is water resistant for up to 165 ft.  While this watch may be a bit more rugged than the other watches in this list its durability, resin made design, clean time display and night-light cannot be overlooked.
  7. SWATCH WOMEN’S QUARTZ RAINBOW DIAL PLASTIC WATCH: Swatch Women’s Quartz Rainbow Watch is another great Swatch watch for those of you who like a flashier look.  It features a rainbow/tie dye design with large/bold white numbers for easy reading.  As mentioned by its name this watch is made of quartz and plastic material so cleaning it should be fairly easy and it is water resistant for up to 99 ft, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet when you have to clean your hands.
  8. SWATCH ORIGINALS TWICE AGAIN WHITE DIAL BLACK SILICONE UNISEX WATCH:  Swatch’s Twice Again Unisex Watch offers a simple yet elegant time piece with a black silicone band and plastic dial window.The large/bold number display ensures easy visibility while the dark hands against the white background allow for quick time keeping and the additional calendar window allows for keeping track of the day and date.This watch also includes luminous hands that glow in dark environments with quartz movement and features water resistant properties up to 100 ft.
  9. TIMEX UNISEX “WEEKENDER” SOLID COLOR WATCH:  The Timex Unisex “Weekender” Watch is a great choice for nurses and medical professionals that want a large display with an alternative military time function.  It features a protective mineral crystal dial window and is water resistant up to 99 ft.  The watches band is made of nylon material rather than plastic, rubber or silicone, so that is something to consider when deciding purchase this watch if you prefer another type of band material, however it is an excellent choice as far as quality watches go.
  10. PRESTIGE MEDICAL NURSE LANYARD WATCH MILITARY TIME:  Prestige Medical makes a range of medical products for nurses and healthcare professionals including a number of medical watches such as the Nurse Lanyard Military Time Watch.  What makes this watch unique from the other watches in our list is that you can wear it around your neck rather than on your wrist, however you can also swap out the lanyard for another type of strap and wear it on an ID/clothing loop if you prefer.  In addition to using a lanyard the watch also displays military time and has a water resistant casing.  If you prefer a lanyard watch over a traditional wrist watch then Prestige Medical’s Nurse Lanyard Military Time Watch may be the right choice for you.

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