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A travel nurse is a contract worker, either self-employed or employed through an agency, who fills in at hospitals, clinics, and private practices around the country—and sometimes the world—for varying intervals. There are many benefits to becoming a travel nurse: the pay and benefits are competitive, your work is interesting and dynamic, and housing and travel expenses are often covered, to name a few. You will be filling a need in often underserved areas, and you will have the opportunity to explore different parts of the country. You may even be assigned overseas. Read on to find out if a career in travel nursing is for you.

Job Description

As a travel nurse, you can expect to perform the general rundown of RN duties, which will vary somewhat from one assignment to the next. Typically, you will be doing things like recording patient history, performing routine check-ups, measuring vital signs, assessing symptoms, making diagnoses, discussing treatment, and administering medicine to the patient. When you work with a travel nurse agency your assignments will run between one and three months. Overseas assignments are generally about one to two years. You will have the freedom to accept or refuse any contract, but bear in mind: the more contracts you refuse, the less you’re likely to be offered down the road.

Education Needed

To become a travel nurse, you will need a minimum of an ASN or BSN with your current RN license. In addition to your degree and credentials, it is helpful to have one to two years of practical nursing experience before applying to an agency.

How to Get the Job

When you have the requisite education and experience, it’s time to begin the job hunt. Read up on different agencies to find the one that suits your needs and desires. Visit Travel Nursing Central to learn more about opportunities in Travel Nursing. 


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