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Pediatric Nursing plays a critical role in the community including what they do, tasks performed, work environment, qualifications to become, area of focus, training & certification, education requirements, job outlook, salary, related job titles and salary by state data.

Pediatric nurses choose to specialize and work with younger patients from birth to adolescence. They guide them through everything from immunizations and screenings to the treatment of chicken pox. They also teach children and families how to prevent childhood breakouts of disease, infection, and illness, and promote proper nutrition so that children have a chance to grow up healthy. Pediatric nurses work closely with pediatricians, family practitioners, and other medical professionals to offer preventative medicine and treatment to children of all ages. This can be a very trying and emotionally draining job, as many medical workers find it most difficult to cope with the illness or loss of a young patient.

Top 5 Tasks Performed

Pediatric nurses conduct checkups regularly, give vaccination shots, educate and comfort family members of young patients, prep children for surgery and other treatments, and care for infants and the needs of children within the hospital setting.

Work Environment

Pediatric nurses are mostly found within the pediatric wing of a hospital setting, but they can also be found in private practices and many other medical facilities. Any place where children are treated regularly, a pediatric nurse might be needed to assist with the case load and to handle the more basic tasks involved in medical procedures.

How to Become

A nursing diploma, Associate degree or Bachelor of Science in nursing degree are required for the beginnings of the certification requirements as a pediatric nurse. During this time, students are encouraged to take courses in subjects like child psychology, and children’s health. After this time a person must pass the national licensing examination to become a registered nurse. Pediatric nurse certification can be gained through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board after nurses have gained enough experience in their field of practice. At this time, nurses can begin working full-time in pediatric care.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for pediatric nurses is the same as the job outlook for a registered nurse, placing it at a 19% predicted growth by the year 2022. This growth is a faster than average rate in comparison to other jobs across the U.S. It may be that the level of job growth is due to the current calling for all kinds of nurses across the country, as the U.S. faces a nursing shortage due to an aging population and a continuing battle against illness such as diabetes and obesity.

Training & Certification

In order to practice as a pediatric nurse, the national licensing examination of NCLEX-RN must be passed, followed by Pediatric Nurse Certification through the PNCB.

Min Education Requirements

Some College, Associates, Bachelors

Sample of Reported Job Titles

Pediatric Maternity Nurse, Registered Nurse in Pediatric Medicine, Pediatric Diabetes Nurse, Nursing Manager – Critical Care Pediatrics, Pediatric Nurse

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Academic Programs

Associate Degree in Nursing
Practical Nursing
Medical Assisting Program

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Parkway Campus
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