Don't Be Intimidated by Nursing School

It’s fantastic that the nursing profession interests you. Competitive salaries, growing opportunities and excellent health benefits are just a few of the many reasons to become a nurse. All of these benefits make you wonder why everyone’s not applying to nursing school.

One of the factors turning people away from the field is the perception of strict nursing school requirements. These intimidating conditions cause many nursing hopefuls to quit before they’ve even started.

It’s true that nursing school is no cake walk, but you shouldn’t let your past dictate your future. Just because you had less-than-stellar grades in high school doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of becoming a nurse. Keep reading for a little motivation from nurses who were once in your shoes.

Focus on your good talents

“I wanted to be a nurse but every nurse I knew seemed so smart and well put together with their career. I felt that I could not compete with them,” says a recent nursing graduate. She claimed she always flew under the radar in high school and never stood out academically.

After dropping out of college she began considering nursing school, but had doubts about being accepted to a program. The biggest hurdle between her and nursing school was the dreaded TEAS test, which is required by nearly every program. With a little encouragement from her family, she finally passed the exam and was accepted into nursing school. 

Be motivated

Motivation, curiosity and compassion for others are three qualities that admission representatives look for in candidates.

High school transcripts often aren’t a requirement to apply to the program, so there’s no reason to dwell on bad grades in the past. If the topic does come up in a conversation, simply take responsibility and openly express your commitment to changing your habits. This sincerity and dedication may even give you a leg up on your competition.

Ask around & do your research

Don't be too proud to ask for help because another student is probably struggling too. Being willing to ask for clarification or resources might pave the way for another student in the same boat.

Take some time to research the school and program before your interview. Not only will you have a better idea of what’s to come, but your prior knowledge may be an indicator of your work ethic and dedication to your career. Nursing programs vary. While some will be more academically strict, others put more stock in personal characteristics. Interviews are often part of the nursing school requirements, which allow more opportunity for highlighting your personality and inspiration for becoming a nurse.

Believe in yourself!

Don’t let nursing school requirements be a deal breaker. Instead, let your passion fuel you to overcome them and make your dream a reality.


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