Listen Up: Sharp Listening Skills Are Critical

The listening skills required to be a court reporter are important in all areas of life

As a court reporter in training, it’s essential that you develop good listening skills. Court reporters have to pay close attention in order to provide transcripts of court cases, depositions, and other official proceedings. These transcripts serve as documentation that may later need to be referred to as part of a case. Good listening skills aid you in this job in many ways.

Improved Communication

Most people don’t remember much about the conversations they have because they’re paying attention to less than half of what’s being said. For proper retention, you have to learn the art of “active listening.” Active listening involves paying attention both to words and the meanings behind them. In everyday life, this helps you be more engaged in communications. When applied to your court reporting work, it minimizes distractions and allows you to focus on being as accurate as possible.

Better Interpretation

Although court reporting requires you to provide verbatim transcripts, being able to interpret the full meaning of what someone is saying is an invaluable life skill. As a student, you have to learn to extrapolate the overall message from your professors’ lectures and take away the key points in order to gain an understanding of what you’re learning.

Gaining Awareness of Nonverbal Communication

In order to respond appropriately in social situations, you need to use more senses than just hearing when you’re listening. Body language is an important part of all communications. The way someone moves and their expression as they speak determines the meaning of what they’re saying. Picking up on these cues is important in court reporting as well, since you’re required to give an accurate account of what’s going on as you transcribe.

Speed and Accuracy

Being a court reporter means listening to exactly what’s being said and getting it all down with pinpoint accuracy. You have to be able to transcribe quickly as you listen, while paying attention to the action in the room as well. You’re responsible for recording the entirety of the proceedings on paper without missing a beat.

If you’re looking for court reporting schools in the Portland, OR, area that can help you develop these essential skills, contact Sumner College. Since 1974, our court reporting program has been training individuals in this important field. Give us a call today to find out more and discover if court reporting is the career for you.

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