Social Media Guidelines for Nurses

The whole topic of social media definitely has its critics. A good way to keep in touch? Efficient way to share information; important, personal, useless information? ALL of the above occurs through the different social media platforms. Sure it can be fun, but anyone that considers themselves a professional in any trade need to act with caution and really think about what you are posting and who will/could see it before you hit “submit” “post” or “enter”. If you work in an industry that deals with the public, private records and confidentiality, you really should keep the social aspect out of your professional life and conduct.

As nursing professionals you are dealing with sensitive subjects and private records and although it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t disclose or share ANYTHING involving your patients, and what goes on at work..sometimes things happen. Although this is a bit dramatic, this educational video put together by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing paints the picture and may bring up scenarios that you may not have ever thought about but could see happening.. Take a moment to watch and share with your fellow nursing professionals.

The Social Media Guidelines was also compiled as a white paper. For the PDF:

The National Student Nurses’ Association also published a set of recommendations for Social Media Usage:

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