What Role Are Nurses Playing in the Ebola Crisis?

Although most people aren’t at risk of contracting the disease, the Ebola crisis has struck fear into the hearts Americans. Nurses, like any other medical professionals, face bigger risks. However, like cholera, tuberculosis, SARS, AIDS, and other frightening transmissible illnesses, Ebola lacks the power to dampen the devotion and courage of those who have dedicated their lives to making life better for people who are suffering. Whether they’re in Africa or Atlanta, nurses managing Ebola patients are playing a critical role in helping people recover.

Yes, People Do Survive Ebola

With so much media focus on Ebola’s high mortality rate, it’s easy to forget that many people actually beat the disease, and return to full health. The devastating death toll in Africa is partially due to a lack of available medical care. Early intervention with supportive treatment greatly increases the chances of surviving Ebola, and that’s where nurses shine the brightest. Despite having to wear bulky protective equipment and perform the unpleasant task of handling body fluids of extremely sick patients, nurses stand at the front lines and selflessly help those who are fighting what is perhaps the hardest battle of their lives. Nurses administer fluids to fight dehydration, provide nutrients, and maintain blood pressure so that patients can stay alive long enough for their immune systems to successfully defeat the virus.

Nurses Make It Better

The value of emotional support provided by caring nurses shouldn’t be overlooked. The isolation of quarantine and the stigma associated with the disease effectively cuts the Ebola patient off from the rest of society. Nurses may be the only personal contact and link to the outside world a sick person has for the duration of their illness. Knowing that someone is there and trying to help them feel better and hold onto hope despite their pain and fear could be instrumental in helping them beat the odds. Most Ebola patients treated in America have survived. The fact that they received early and intensive nursing care is no coincidence.

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