Emotional Strength in Nursing

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There is a time to hold your patients hand, there is a time to cry with them, however most of the time, I believe it is more important to be strong with them and show them their strength. Being sick enough to be hospitalized can be so draining. Your sleep is constantly interrupted, you have blood being drawn every so often and then you may have to face hard to accept findings. One thing that I have learned though, being a nurse for almost a decade is this… human beings are much stronger than they look. We have survival mechanisms that are so powerful that they would amaze you! If we are meant to make it… then we will indeed make it. I cannot tell you how many times I wrote a patient off as a goner only to find out the patient was discharge home in good condition. I know now to never judge what I see… people are strong. Which is why I believe; Now, much more than before I can help my patients be strong. We are living in exciting times, there are many great treatment options available for us. The diseases that killed our grandparents may not even phase us. And, it is just going to get better. So stay strong, you and your patients are much stronger than you look. See you next week love! xoxo ~Caroline

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