How to Land Your First Nursing Job

Beth Hawkes, "Nurse Beth" is excited to announce her new book!  Her passion for helping new nurses and her role as a career columnist at, her background,  her blog………a book of Nurse Beth’s practical wisdom, insider tips learned over a long career.

Her writing style has been called concise and comprehensive- it’s true- no fluffery but chock-full of practical actionable tips and strategies. She likes to give real and actionable content to help you

Your Last nursing class: How to Land your first nursing job

It’s the ultimate guide for landing your dream job

where you’re at. Something you can walk away with and use. When competing for a job, it’s essential that you stand out at every step of the process, and I show you how to be that outstanding applicant.

It’s called “Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job” because she honestly thinks these skills should be taught in nursing schools like Sumner College. Really good nurses graduate knowing how to shine in a competitive market.

  • Is it smart or regrettable to “cold-call” a hiring manager?
  • How do you write a resume to stand out when you have no experience? (examples given)
  • Why your application is being passed over
  • What can you do in first and second semester of nursing school to vastly increase the odds of landing a job when you graduate? (it’s not grades)
  • What are the top job application mistakes nurses make?
  • What do hiring managers really think during an interview? (insider tips from my experience- it’s not what you think)
  • The top interview questions and how to answer them…and so much more!

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