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Before you start studying for a career in nursing, find out if being a professional caretaker is the ideal match for your personality.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses is set to grow at 19% through 2022, a staggering rate in today’s still-recovering market. While job security is one of the biggest perks to working in today’s thriving medical industry, it shouldn’t be the driving force behind your decision to pursue a career in nursing. The happiest and most successful nurses see the financial benefits of nursing secondary to their work, which happens to be both very challenging and uniquely rewarding. Before you join their ranks, find out what kind of traits you should have to feel at home with a nursing career of your own.

You Love Taking Care of Others…

At its core, a career in nursing is about helping strangers get through some of the most difficult and stressful experiences in their lives. Not every minute of a nurse’s day is spent on cleaning bedpans and changing sheets, but intimate physical care does come with the job. The upside is that a compassionate nurse with a positive outlook can make all the difference in a patient’s life. In fact, many patients and their families remember their favorite nurses for the rest of their lives.

…But You Know When to Maintain Your Distance

Although not all nurses face life-threatening cases on a regular basis, disappointment is part of working in the medical industry. Feeling upset when a patient doesn’t make a full recovery is human nature, but it’s important not to let your work affect your mindset. To maintain a healthy and balanced life at home, nurses need to have excellent coping skills.

You Don’t Mind Irregular Schedules

If you’re looking for a traditional work schedule, nursing may not be your cup of tea. Night shifts and odd on-call hours are common, so chances are you’ll find yourself doing both in your career. The good news is that work schedules are routinely rotated among staff, so you don’t need to worry about turning into a night owl.

You Can Go With the Flow

While corporate jobs follow a mostly predictable track, there’s no such thing as a typical day in the medical industry. The nursing field is no exception. On any given day, a nurse can go from checking the vitals of long-term patients to handling a serious walk-in emergency in a matter of minutes. If you like being challenged, this type of work can be just what you need to live up to your highest potential.

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Learn how to strike the perfect balance between work, school, and home life. 

Holding a full-time job while trying to score grades that put you at the top of your class may not be easy, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. All you need to find that elusive balance is a little less stress and a lot more strategy. Whether you’re a parent with young children or a single student with rising rent demands, following the true-and-tried study tips below can help you get through your busiest days with your sanity intact.

Create a Game Plan for Every Course

When your schedule is already packed with work and errands, structure can save the day. Instead of planning to squeeze in study sessions whenever you find a little bit of free time, assign your courses to empty time slots in advance. When you already have studying penciled into your evening, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable and avoid procrastination.

Build a Study Team

If you’re still having trouble sticking to your schoolwork schedule at home, meet up with a few study buddies at a coffee shop or the school library for a fresh change of scenery and some group motivation. For 17 more self-improvement tips, check out Forbes.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The stress of studying is temporary, but your accomplishments are forever. From finally making your dream career a reality to helping you plan a better financial future for your family, education is the key to living the life you’ve always wanted. When you’re feeling down, visualizing what your days will look like after college is one of the best ways to give yourself a shot of much-needed inspiration.

Go Digital

Now that rising expenses and tuition costs have made going to college while working the new normal, even traditional brick-and-mortar schools are starting to introduce online components to all types of programs. Even if most of your training has to be done in class or at a lab, picking up a few online credits can help.

Another way to use technology to your advantage is to download productivity programs on your computer or phone. Some of today’s best applications are designed to help students stay on track with calendars, brain games, digital flash cards, reminder notes, and more – all for free or at a low, budget-friendly price.

Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Make a plan to do or buy something you like if you do well in your classes. Whether it’s heading to the local bakery for a treat, or settling on your couch for a full-day movie marathon, knowing that you have a relaxing break to look forward to in the future can make it easier to stay on schedule right now.

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Find out why a career in nursing is considered to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling in the medical industry

While relatively high salaries and excellent job prospects make nursing a no-brainer career choice for many ambitious students, financial stability is only one piece of the puzzle. Most nurses see their work as a chance to make a real difference in the world, a special perk that makes their professional lives feel more meaningful and fulfilling on a personal level. Whether you’re thinking about joining a public hospital or working as an at-home caretaker for private clients, here’s how starting a career in nursing will change your life for the better:

You’ll Feel Important

Caring for sick or elderly patients and seeing your actions directly impact the quality of their lives will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Acing a big test at school or putting in overtime at the office will never come close to the level of satisfaction you’ll feel after making your patients smile.

You’ll Gain Priceless Life Experience

Seeing patients suffer will never be easy, but there’s an upside to working with difficult cases. Dealing with serious issues on a regular basis will give you a new perspective on life and make it easier not to worry about the little things that used to stress you out in the past.

Your Patients Will Appreciate You Forever

One of the reasons why nursing is so high up on the list of the world’s most rewarding careers is that it’s far from being a thankless job. Patients and their families recognize how hard nurses work, and they won’t hesitate to thank you for a job well done with kind words, cards, and flowers.

You’ll Earn Respect Wherever You Go

A career in nursing is a challenging path, typically chosen by people who are caring, compassionate, and selfless. From new colleagues to new friends, most of the people you meet will instantly appreciate your decision to dedicate your life to helping others.

You’ll Always Be Needed

Whether it’s at work, at home, or out socializing, nurses rarely feel unhelpful. In fact, working in nursing is a little bit like being on call around the clock – in a good way. People trust nurses and want their advice. After your official shift is up, you’ll be able to use your skill set to help friends, relatives, and even strangers get the medical care they deserve.

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Making your paralegal degree work for you outside of a law firm

Paralegal training equips you to work as part of the team at a law firm, but you can also turn your skills into a successful freelance career. Many people need help with simple legal proceedings, including finding the necessary paperwork, avoiding mistakes when filling it out, and navigating the filing process. Attorneys are also looking for paralegal services. No matter where you set your sights, you’ll enjoy many benefits from going freelance with your paralegal degree.

Work for Yourself

Being a freelance paralegal may limit the services you can offer since you’re not under the supervision of an attorney, but you can’t beat being your own boss. As long as you have a firm understanding of what the paralegal field entails and are sure you’re working within local laws, you’re completely in control of what jobs you take.

Establish Your Niche

When you focus your efforts on particular paralegal services and work hard to get very good at them, you can offer your services to niche markets. Having a specific area of expertise sets you apart from those who try to cover a broader range, and the more you hone your skills, the more desirable your services will become.

Choose Your Work Setting

As a freelance paralegal, you might set up your own office or decide to provide services to established law practices in the area. You might switch back and forth between the two to gain more experience and give yourself a larger base of potential clients. Since you’re not tied down to long-term employment with any one attorney, you have a great deal of flexibility in your work environment.

Learn New Skills

Moving from one setting to another gives you more learning opportunities than you would get from working in one place. Whether you keep your freelance work within the Portland, OR, area or decide to broaden your horizons, you can take the skills you acquire with you wherever you go.

Diverse Client Base

Working in multiple settings can open doors to a variety of new opportunities. Keep track of the contacts you make when working with attorneys and in law offices, and be sure to keep detailed records on your individual clients. This information will serve you well going forward as you’ll always have a pool of potential job opportunities at your fingertips.

To get started on the road to becoming a freelance paralegal, contact Sumner College today. Our online paralegal degree provides full training with knowledgeable instructors who can provide insight into the field. Give us a call to find out more or visit our website to explore the opportunities available to students and graduates.


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