Nurse Educators Are Needed To Battle Nursing Shortage


We all know there's been a Nursing shortage for years, but are you aware there's also an issue with Nurse Educators?

Improving Nursing Engagement


Nursing engagement is the commitment level and satisfaction you have for your job and the organization that employs you. Nursing engagement correlates directly with safety, quality, and patient experience outcomes.

The Rise of Nurse Practitioners Amidst Provider Burnout, Shortages


As a provider shortage and issues with provider burnout take hold of the medical industry, nurse practitioners are primed to fill in patient care gaps.

Our Top 10 Great Attributes of a Nurse


A great reminder of important business attributes for any career but especially great attributes of a nurse.

2018 Nursing Salary Survey Results - Demographics


The 2018 allnurses Salary Survey was conducted over a 4-week period of time in February 2018. The data from almost 17,000 nurses has been analyzed and are ready to share the results via interactive images. Learn more about the demographic shifts in the nursing industry.

Think outside the hospital! 8 unique nursing careers you didn’t know existed


What is the Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse in the School Setting?


A Sumner College degree will prepare you for many different jobs working in the healthcare industry. Learn more about the role of the LPN/Licensed Vocational Nurse working in a school setting according to the National Association of School Nurses.

How to Become a Medical Assistant


Sumner College now offering a certification program to become a Medical Assistant working in the healthcare industry.

How to Get a Nursing Job and more at a Dermatology Clinic


Are you looking for a career change or trying to figure out what to study at college? If you like helping people and have an interest in medicine, working at a dermatology clinic could be the perfect job for you.Apart from dermatologists and their medical assistants, these clinics employ receptionists and general office workers too. The field of dermatology is evolving quickly, with new discoveries made every year. If you want in, read on to find out how.

Celebrate National Nurses Week May 6 thru May 12th


National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale's birthday. It features a host of events across the U.S. to honor nurses for the work they do, and educates the public about nurses’ role in health care. Learn more

How to Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips


How To Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips

5 Entry Level HealthCare Jobs to Jump Start Your Career


Healthcare has dominated the news lately. And for good reason: the healthcare industry makes up around 18% of the entire Gross Domestic Product in the U.S. That’s a huge number. So it’s no surprise that healthcare is a great place to look for a job.

The Best Jobs for 2018 and Beyond

5/3/2018 7:16:55 PM

Healthcare jobs still account for 20 of the top 25 careers on this year's list and careers in Nursing are leading the pack!

Did you know that Sumner College offers Scholarships?


College can be expensive, but Sumner might be able to help. Read how Sumner College awarded over $28,000 in scholarships and lean how you might qualify for assistance.

Nursing Interview Outfits – What to Wear to a Nursing Job Interview


Every candidate is familiar with the kind of questions asked during a nursing job interview, and if not read other Sumner College blog articles for tips, but what most people do not know is how to present themselves in an interview. Your overall appearance and body language should create a powerful first impression in the minds of the interviewer, earning you some extra brownie points. Read on to know more about the proper nursing interview attire for the nursing job:

Did you know that Sumner College has some of the highest Career Placement Rates in the Market?


Sumner College has some of the highest career placement rates for nursing graduates in the market. Read more about the exciting job opportunities that other Sumner College graduates have gone onto enjoy.

6 Job Market Tips for Nursing Students


With the shortage the way it is right now, we’re getting all sorts of commentary on what potential employers may be asking for when you apply for jobs. The competition is getting fierce -

New You | New Career | The Patient Care Technician Degree Program


Looking for a degree that will lead to a fulfilling career? The Patient Care Technician program give you the tools you need.

Don't Be Intimidated by Nursing School


8 Ways to Prepare for an Interview for the Mid-Career Nurse


Mid-career nurses have special needs when it comes to finding new jobs. At Sumner College we know that preparing for interviews can be stressful and confusing. This article gives 8 ways to prepare for an interview for the mid-career nurse.

Beyond the Bedside: 10 Nurse Opportunities Outside of the Hospital


Nurses are highly skilled professionals, even beyond the bedside. The possibilities are endless. A Sumner College nursing degree opens doors in many career fields. Learn about 10 nursing opportunities that nurses can explore outside of the hospital.

Graduate Spotlight - Meet Traci F


Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Traci F. Traci was a professional business owner for many years until one day she decided that it was time for her to make a career change. Like many established professionals, there was a bit of apprehension in making that switch. She knew she wanted to get into the medical field and become a nurse, but the question that constantly went in her mind was, “Can I do it?”

Top Skilled Nursing Trends of 2018


Sumner College keeps a pulse on the economic and job climate for our graduates. Read about skilled nursing trends for 2018 on our most recent blog.

What Will This Year Bring for Nurses?


Everything that happens in healthcare affects nurses, from drug shortages to healthcare reform. This makes it hard to pinpoint the most important trends expected to influence the practice of nursing in 2018. With the help of nursing thought leaders, however, we've come up with a list of emerging or accelerating trends that nurses need to pay attention to this year, because they will affect key aspects of nursing, from education and licensure to clinical practice. What's on the horizon for nurses in 2018?

Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Rebecca.


Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Rebecca. “I made the biggest and best decision of my life. I quit my job, moved back home with my son, and applied to Sumner’s Nursing Program.”

Future Trends in the Nursing Industry


It's always a good idea to know where the industry you're in is heading. Whether you're a student, new graduate or a seasoned nurse, this list of future trends in the nursing industry will help you.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting into Nursing School


Thinking about applying to nursing school? Check out these tips to help you prepare.

Meet Caitlyn. - A Sumner College graduate working as a Registered Nurse at DePaul Treatment Center


Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Caitlyn a Registered Nurse at DePaul Treatment Center

Sumner College fuels local workforce and community, graduating more than 800 nurses in past 8 years


Oregon, like much of the United States, is preparing for a very specific health care crisis. With more and more nurses reaching retirement age every day, the state has more open jobs in the field than those qualified to fill them. This is a big deal, because if you were to carve up a health care by profession pie, the nursing slice would be the largest one.

Exciting Changes are Taking Place at Sumner College


Exciting changes are underway at Sumner College. We are growing and adding 10,000 SF to their Cascade Campus.

Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Rebecca


Meet Rebecca! . - A Sumner College graduate working as a LPN as a medical nurse at a nursing home in Lacey, WA. Read more about her story....

From LPN to Travel Nurse


Many people who want to go into nursing choose to begin their careers as LPNs (licensed practical nurses) since it often is the fastest track into the profession of nursing. But there is more to this exciting career... .

Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Marta


Meet Marta! . - A Sumner College graduate working as a LPN at SpringRidge at Charbonneau. Read more about her story....

Happy Valentines Day


Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Lindsay L


Meet Lindsay! . - A Sumner College graduate working as a Registered Nurse at the Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic. Read more about her story....

Focus On Nursing: A High Demand, High Growth Job of the Future


If you’re looking for a job of the future, then nursing is one of the strongest candidates out there. Although some aspects of the role may be susceptible to automation—in Japan scientists have developed a robot that can hand out medication and collect records—the central importance of empathy and advanced motor skills to nursing jobs makes it highly unlikely that machines will be replacing humans at our bedsides any time soon.

What Does a Patient Care Technician Do?


What is a patient care technician?

Sumner College Graduate Spotlight - Meet Judy


Meet Judy! . - A Sumner College graduate working as a LPN at Total Care Home Health. Read more about her story....

An Introduction To Nursing Careers


The path to becoming a nurse depends on which type of nursing career you’d like to pursue. You could choose to be a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN).

Nursing Now


Here’s a fact: there’s a shortage of nurses—and it’s going to grow in the years ahead. Why?

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