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All About That Socks! Benefits of Compression Socks for Nurses

Compression socks are those specially designed and processed socks which prevent various venous disorders and encourage blood circulation. These socks are in existence since long, we can see various evidence of using compression socks in Neolithic Period, 1600BCE, 450-350 BCE, Middle Ages, 980s, 1468s, 1590s and revolutionary steps in the 19th century. In the 19th century various powerful fabrics like silk, linen, bamboo etc. get combined with traditional fabrics like wool and cotton, this ultimately improved the strength of compression socks.
However, general people use compression stockings to satisfy their fashion needs, there are many other general applications of these socks like the following:
1. Safety Guard: Compression socks are made up of various high quality and powerful fabrics which make them strong enough to protect your legs from scratches and abrasions. This is one of the major reason why athletes use compression socks.
2. Prevents Inflammation/Swellings: If you are into a job where long sitting or standing is involved, you may be familiar with the leg inflammation and swelling issues. Various professions, like nursing, involve compression socks as a part of dress code. Nursing is a tough profession it’s not limited to boundaries, to weathers and not even to hours. But to provide medical assistance to patients, it’s important to keep yourself fit. Generally, nurses keep standing for more than 5hours, which result to inflammation and swelling after some time, to avoid this, compression socks are recommended to nurses. 
3. Protects from Dirt: Compression socks are made up of various natural fabrics, involves various artificial fabrics and most importantly power fabrics. Thus, they have good capability to protect your leg and feet gently.
4. Encourage Blood Circulation: Compression socks help in enhancing blood flow. To understand this well, let's have a look how actually it works, block diagram shows working of our heart, arteries, veins and lungs. Compression socks help veins to accelerate the blood to the heart. Thus blood circulation doesn't get affected. Apart from all general uses of compression socks, these socks are widely used in various medical conditions like 
Aching in Legs: It’s a type of artery disease that can cause claudication or pain during any physical activity, it’s a condition in which blood flow get slower.
Varicose Veins: These are the veins under skin of legs when these veins get enlarged or swelled it get visible. Compression socks are prescribed as primary treatment with regular exercise.
Pregnancy: In pregnancy, compression stockings helps in reduction of heart rate in both mother and child.
It’s always better to buy compression socks and use them under proper medical guidance. These types of socks are medicated and directly affect the flow of blood, thus don’t react the same way in every case. The use of compression socks requires close monitoring and proper guidance. We suggest everyone to consult your doctor first before using compression socks in any medical conditions.
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